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For Kids: Skills to kick-start life

School children memorise rules, expressions, idioms and formulas. Is this the right way to learn?

We don’t think so.

At our after-school learning centre, we demonstrate the logic behind languages, sciences and games. Visual aids and fun activities are used to engage kids to have deeper experiences and understanding.

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For Adults: Up-skill to go further

Knowledge gained from university is irrelevant? While books are good, nothing beats real-world insights.

It’s time to up-skill, Mr Adult!

Our experts, who’d worked with Fortune 500 companies, can help you via their workshops on marketing and brand management.

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For KIDS / Think logically

Chess and Mathematics can help a child develop logical skills such as deduction, induction, pattern-recognition, spatial logic, calculation, decision-making and problem-solving.

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For ADULTS / Beyond books

You may have learnt the theories of business studies in school. But, are you well-versed with real-world cases? If not, it's time to enrich yourself and prepare for the job market.

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For KIDS / Speak and write confidently

Confidence communications in BM or English aren't just about fluffy words and complex sentences. Rather, fluency in spoken and written messages arise from clear and logical thoughts.

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For ADULTS / Up-skilling to compete

Learning shouldn't just be the occupation of youth, especially in this fast-moving era. It's time to up-skill to stay relevant to new challenges or to learn fresh tricks before a career switch!

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